fickle: (marik: eye of the hurricane)
Fickle ([personal profile] fickle) wrote2009-01-22 11:52 pm

Nooses, coming to a city near you!

When I first saw the images of nooses hanging from lamp posts, I thought it was some sort of evil backlash against Obama being elected the American president.

The actual explanation makes so much less sense. It's all the fault of Amnesty International. No, really.

I am filled with disbelief. I mean, seriously, EMPTY NOOSES HANGING FROM LAMP POSTS? How is that not incredibly creepy? Yes, I get that the point is to get people's attention but you know what? I'm not going to look at a noose and think, "Oh, hey, the death penalty's bad". I'm going to think, "Oh my god, who are they planning on lynching, I want OUT of this city right now!" And Germany does not have the most foreigner-friendly history either, which makes it all the more baffling that they'd do this.

I'm not black, I wasn't raised in America, and my first thought upon seeing a noose hanging from a lamp post near me would be "RUN!". Or possibly to call the police and report it just in case someone is going to actually be lynched there.

About the only bright side I can see is that the nooses came up last year, and so this isn't some strange form of racebaiting as a response to Obama.

Please note that I don't rule out that it's race-baiting. Just not as a response to him. Because argh, that's such a stupid gimmick.

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