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Micro-fic meme!

Who wrote 'em: [ profile] fickle_goddess aka [ profile] only_fiction

What it is: Rachel/Tobias, Animorphs. [used for thought speech]

What that means: Ten fics. Ten genres. Ten words or less.

Why you should try writing your own: It is so much harder than it looks. Really.

Why I'm crying on the inside: Because this really IS harder than it looks!

Other stuff I want to say: Want to see me do this for any other pairing other than the one I chose? Leave me a comment with the pairing and I'll do my best. I could use the writing exercise. XD Having actually written the meme results, NO WAY. Much too difficult to do multiple times. So only first five comments get to make requests.


"I'm a Slayer?!"

[Vampires and Yeerks, beware.]

1st Time:

Rachel sets her alarm. Tobias wakes up to demorph.

Alternate Universe:

"Ms. President, is it true your boyfriend goes skydiving with you?"


"I wasn't kissing JAKE. It was Rachel!"

Morphing breeds confusion.


Rachel strokes Tobias' feathers but craves his skin instead.


"Rachel -- Rachel, I'm trapped!"

"Morph. ... MORPH!"

He tries. For her.


She draws one of his discarded feathers over her lips.


Rachel flies with the bird but she loves the boy.


"Was it really necessary to poop on Chapman?"

Rachel grins.


Flying's better with Rachel. She makes the sky even sweeter.

[identity profile] 2009-01-28 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
She draws one of his discarded feathers over her lips.

[identity profile] 2009-01-28 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
...In my head, he wasn't actually a bird AT that time! I was thinking more of her jilling on her own and using the feather for additional stimulation. Over her MOUTH. THOSE LIPS.

And yes! What pairing do you think you'll do it with?

Oh, and do you have any pairings you want to request me to do?

[identity profile] 2009-01-28 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll probably do Kyle/Cartman.


[identity profile] 2009-01-28 09:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm so tempted even though I haven't even had time to finish half the things I should be doing. Like today's webcomic page, and your present. XD;;;

[identity profile] 2009-02-01 11:42 am (UTC)(link)
XDDD Do my present! *demands* But this would be fun too. What pairing would you pick for it?

[identity profile] 2009-02-01 03:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't even know! Maybe Glinda/Elphie? Or a Utena pairing?

[identity profile] 2009-02-01 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
By the way, if you STILL haven't seen the WIcked musical or listened to the songs, you SHOUUUUULD. It's just perfect for you, I'm not even kidding. Also, you need to get in touch with my other crazy RPing/fanfic writing asexual friend. I thought oyu had MSN, but I never ever see you online. Did you change SNs? OR BLOCK MEEEE

[identity profile] 2009-05-01 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
I just got back from London where I saw the musical! It was great! XDDD Though I think that the live performance actually sounded better than the soundtrack does, weirdly enough.

And I am NEVER on MSN these days! Though I do use AIM via gchat, so you could add me there! Or get your friend to do it. XD But I'd have to add you first, since otherwise I'll show up as offline. *sneaky*

...And where is that Rocket/Sinedd pic I am waiting so patiently for? XDDD