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*caves and does a pairing meme*

1) Pick up to 15 pairings you like.
2) Describe them in up to 15 words.
3) Get your friends to guess.

So, I rarely do memes but this one REALLY has been itching at me and I've been filling it out all over my flist, which means I get to give it a try. So, um, guess? XD It's no fun unless you play along! I picked a whole bunch of different canons, anime and TV and comics and movies, so most of you should have at least one fandom on the list you know.

    I bolded the unsolved ones so that they'd be easier to see. Fandoms left are HP, Greek Mythology, Batman, and two that if I tell you the fandom, you'll guess the pairings instantly :P

  1. It’s not about the love or even the sex. It’s about the blood and spilling thereof. Yami no Malik/Yami no Bakura, guessed by [ profile] ceresi and [ profile] perivates.
  2. Love isn’t, and never was, part of the equation. Even they can’t afford it. Ryuuji/Seto, guessed by [ profile] harmonybunny114.
  3. A’s better than the one she replaced, but B isn’t. They’re best friends anyway.
  4. The two main male leads get married in the season finale and nobody’s surprised.
  5. The only word that describes their relationship comes from an alien language but it’s perfect. Tobias/Ax, guessed by [ profile] katarik.
  6. Their greatest passion is not each other but the sport; it keeps them apart. Rocket/Sinedd, guessed by [ profile] harmonybunny114 and [ profile] brownie_utonium.
  7. She’s all that keeps him human and no human could understand her like him. Tobias/Rachel, guessed by [ profile] ceresi and [ profile] perivates.
  8. She is too chaste to surrender and too dangerous to force but common sense isn’t his strong point.
  9. A’s pure music, and B loves music in a way that’s nothing like how he loves people. Ryuichi/Tohma, guessed by [ profile] yukirien.
  10. The two main male leads get married in the season finale and nobody’s surprised.
  11. Being beautiful isn’t the only thing they have in common but they pretend it is. Mai/Ryuuji, guessed by [ profile] katarik.
  12. She’s the only woman that could ever equal him. That’s why it’ll never happen. House/Cuddy, guessed by [ profile] perivates and [ profile] yukirien.
  13. They were friends once. It’s the loser who dies laughing.
  14. It's never going to happen because they work together and the first rule is don’t fuck your partner.
  15. You can't believe the hype about either of them but they're both heroes when it counts.

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5. Ax/Tobias
11. Mai/Ryuuji (sp?) Your billionaire green-eyed crazycakes CEO.

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XDDD YES! Both of them are totally right. Though I can think of at least three others you DEFINITELY know.

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*wanders over to IM to insist on hints*

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I'm not too familiar with your fandoms, but I want to play so please forgive my stabs in the dark!

1. Protagonist from Yu-gi-Oh and the antagonist? I think the protagonist's name is Yu-gi-Oh whereas the antagonist does not have spiky hair but this short brown cut ^^;;

Is 4 and 10 supposed to be the same? I'm going to guess Yuki and Shuuichi from Gravitation for both, but I haven't read to the end.

14. House/Chase?

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Awwwww. XD And while the FANDOM is YGO, the chars are not Yami and Seto.

4 and 10 being the same is an accident, and it's not Yuki/Shuichi, though there IS a Gravi pairing up there!

Not House/Chase, but there's a House pairing up there. XD

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Yes, Yami and Seto are their names. I watched it once upon a time, but now I see more of them on your icons (especially the dancing one which I haven't seen in what feels like ages).

9 involves Ryuuchi. I KNOW it. I'm going to guess Ryuuchi and Tohma (mainly because I think A and B can both be Ryuuchi, but I think A fits Tohma better).

BTW, I'm a totally dork who JUST NOW found the fic you wrote upon request. ^^;; Much thanks and (squee! that was awesome and so very Ryuuichi!). Seriously, I am really out of the loop.

14. House/Wilson? House/Cuddy? House/cane?

And HOW did I miss a French soccer anime?! This whole time I thought Galactik Football was about sunglasses in outer space. And American football. The kind I don't watch. Gah, I've been in Texas too long.

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6. Er...Rocket/Sinedd?

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And for 2 I want to go with Mokuba/Kaiba, because they're rich. And probably shouldn't love each other that way.

But that's probably not it as I don't think you like that pairing!

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...Well, theoretically, that COULD apply to them, but no.

Though you did get one of the chars in that pairing right!

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lmao... #6 is that weird French soccer cartoon pairing you want me to draw, ISN't IT?!

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*major, massive shruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug*

Beats me.

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Dude. You know AT LEAST four of them. You've WRITTEN one of them!

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I... should I know any of the remaining ones? 8D;

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YES. Definitely at least two of them :P

And three others are SO BIG that everyone has to know them.

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It’s not about the love or even the sex. It’s about the blood and spilling thereof.

Yami Malik/Yami Bakura? Maybe? OMG it's been so long since I watched YGO I almost didn't remember their names.

She’s all that keeps him human and no human could understand her like him.

Tobias/Rachel? Maybe? OTP of my heeeeeeaaaaaart.


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BAAAW I was gonna say Tobias/Rachel for 7. :x
And I think 12 is House/Cuddy? Iunno.

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FINALLY! Someone got number 1! Considering it's my major OTP, I was all sorts of, "...Dude, forget the descriptions, how can you NOT look at this meme and start searching for a Marik/Bakura desc?"

And yes, that's Tobias/Rachel. XDDD Two Animorph pairings, both with Tobias. Easy to guess who my favs are, hm? XDDD

Annnnnnd, all the YGO ones are gone, so are all the Animorph ones, BUT there's two Batman ones, one Greek Mythology one, and one HP one. I give you those hints because those are the fandoms that I think you ought to be able to guess.
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I have absolutely nothing.


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Is 13 Sirius/Remus? That was my first thought because 'he dies laughing'...but why 'loser'? Also, you're not really into HP...

Well that's my guess anyway!

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13 IS actually HP, but not that pairing.

...Huh. Apparently Rowling likes having her chars die mid-laugh. XD

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I think you struck out no 7 by mistake, you put the same details as for no 1....also, don't think either Yami no Malik or Yami no Bakura count as a 'she', but I guess I don't know the fandom! :p

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Totally unrelated.... I've been offline for a long time, and have finally returned. Are you ever online AIM anymore, and if so, is it a different SN?

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Is 14 something from Boston Legal?