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Happy Sri Lankan Independence Day!

To celebrate Sri Lankan Independence Day, I'm offering to write people's names for them in Sinhala.

Above image is my name, written in Sinhala. If you want me to write your name in Sinhala, comment! Please spell your name correctly and next to it, in brackets, put how it's pronounced, since Sinhala has more vowels than English.

For example:

Fickle (Fick-el, rhymes with trick-hell)

And then I'll write your name and you can show it off. XD
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I'm just curious enough.

Ilyena (god, i suck at phonetics. Il like ill, ye -- more like yay, na -- nah).

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Yes, but what are Sinhala consonants like? My Polish last name begs to know. It wants to kidnap them all and have little mutant Polish-Sinhala consonant babies. How many "sh" sounds? because Polish ain't possibly got enough yet. xP

Jen Wrzesinski

Reh-sin-skee (bastardized American pronunciation my grandmother came up with lol. It rhymes with heh and sin and ski.)

Vuh-shin-ski (the lazy cope-out way to say it around people who will get mad if you say Resinski but also know you don't speak effing Polish. It rhymes with huh and shin and ski. I use this one most, but people always repeat it back to me as Resinski for some reason, so I just deal.)

Vuhshzeh-seen(ny)-skee, aka "kdjFAIL-ashgFAIL-xahfdkjnFAIL-ski" (the shz like pleasure = plea"shz"ure...or make the sound of the lawnmower for a good half second and throw "sinski" on the end. It rhymes with WTFDIDYOUSAY or the sound of the person on the other side of the phone passing out...or weeping. Also rhymes with my grandfather correcting me ten times, hence my coming up with Vuhshinski.)

The actual Polish one is hard to transcribe lol. Go figure. I suggest you go with the lazy versions to save yourself, yeah? xD

Or you can just write "ego-chan" in Sinhala. That's simple. Rhymes with ego and chan. lol. I don't say it any special way.

YAY for Sri Lanka~! :D:DDDDD

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Sorry for the butt-in, but your comment amused me greatly XD

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Aw, thanks. :D

I do my best in hopes that Fickle someplace, somewhere, will giggle and then someone will turn and give her a strange look. I have nothing but malicious intent here. Love and malicious intent. xD

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Welcome ^_^

LOL Oh the joys of having such moments with teh-Fickle! Much entertainment for everyone...really ;3

*knows you're reading this - Love ya, Fickle! <3

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Oh no, it's not about the strange looks. The real entertainment is in watching her snort milk when you make her laugh. That's the real aim :D

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XD Oh gosh, but that's such a PAINFUL bit of entertainment!

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Mine's Heather! Which you probably know how to pronounce and it's in the dictionary anyway, so. :D

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Yay for languages! :D

Lily (pronounced just like the flower)

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Caroline. Um Carol+line?

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Um.... Whichever one is easiest:

Danielle (which... you've said before Dan-Yell)


Xinda (Zin-Duh)

Not well known fact, I lovelovelove seeing my name in different languages -- or hearing it as the case may be with different accents or just change-ups... etc

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Katarik [Kuh - TAR - ick]

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Happy independence day!

Do me, do me! You know the details :D

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Dropping by to say, Fickle, you're in Hetalia fandom? I DID NOT KNOW THIS I AM RUNNING INTO YOU AT EVERY TURN LATELY. CLEARLY THIS IS A SIGN. /drapes

How've you been? ♥