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Ryuuji - and Ryuuji/Seto- fic rec list!

Dragon Child: My favorite gen Ryuuji fic. It's a what-if for if Ryuuji had solved the puzzle/won and how his lie with his abusive father goes afterwards. Told from Yami no Yuugi's POV.

Flames: Short gen piece about how three different chars see Ryuuji.

The Standoff: Ryuuji and Seto are not easy men to assassinate. Funny, verging on cracktastic, snarky. Ryuuji/Seto.

A House Divided: Kaibas always get what they want. Everyone knows that. Ryuuji/Seto, Mokuba/Ryuuji.

Playground Logic: Sort of an ensemble piece with Ryuuji introducing/discussing the other characters.

Think You Know: Short, minimalist piece. Ryuuji/Seto.

Leave A Pretty Corpse: Because after all, love is such a killing thing. Ryuuji/Seto, darkly self-destructive.

A Terry and Ryuuji Fic: It's a crossover between Batman Beyond and YGO. I don't think I can describe it any better than that.

Sunrise: Long, plotty fic about what'd happen to the world if Yami no Malik won. Seto/Ryuuji, warnings for character death.

150 Miles: Seto/Ryuuji break-up fic. Painful.

Painted Sky: Multi-chapter fic, Seto/Ryuuji, focusing on their drunken hookup and the consequences thereof.