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Dear Creator (Inter High Exchange!)


First of all, thanks for signing up! I hope that whatever you end up writing, you enjoy doing so.

So, my name's Damien and I like a lot of messed up, twisted stuff. In general, the more suffering and emotional anguish the main character undergoes, the better I like it. And I like all the bad stuff happening to chars I like so even though I am asking for characters to be put through hell, I swear it's not character bashing. I just like seeing them come undone and be broken right open.

General things I like: gaslighting, mob/group, emotional manipulation, addiction, blackmail, guilt, coercion, abuse of authority, hatesex, dub/non con. using people as a substitute, revenge themes. All of that is awesome and would make me happy as long as the narration doesn't normalize it. I like my bad stuff to have the creep factor emphasized.

Some are NSFW but there is absolutely no reason to write NSFW if you don't want to! It's the emotional damage that I like.

So, yeah. My favorite characters to see suffer are Kirihara, Ryoma, Yuuta and Mizuki

If you're looking for specific prompts, then I have a few under the cut. TW for various versions of the above mentioned tropes.

I am 100% fine with you ignoring the prompts if there's something you'd rather write! Really, I just want to see the characters I like be absolutely wrecked.

Hajime Mizuka/Yuuta Fuji = Incredibly messed up fic where Mizuki manipulates/trains Yuuta into being desperate for his approval. Gaslighting, emotional abuse, humilation - anything goes as long as it has Yuuta needing Mizuka’s approval at any cost.
Shuusuke Fuji + Hajime Mizuka/Yuuta Fuji = Shuusuke’s not happy when he finds out just how far Mizuki's manipulation/exploitation of Yuuta went. Protective-vengeful big brother Shuusuke doing damage off the court to Mizuki and his pretty face, please!
Shuusuke Fuji/Hajime Mizuka/Yuuta Fuji + past Hajime Mizuka/Yuuta Fuji = “Thanks for taking care of my little brother.” Humiliating Mizuki on the court isn’t enough. Shuusuke shows Mizuki just how ‘thankful’ he is by using his genius to wreck Mizuki sexually while Yuta watches/joins in. Non/dub-con, bonus for DP on Mizuka if you can manage it!
Shinji/Hajime Mizuki = Shinji’s past relationship with Mizuki is a major contributing factor towards his bitter and sadistic personality.
Mizuki/Yuta + Mizuki/Akutsu (or Kirihara?) = Mizuki shows Akutsu or Kirihara what true sadism looks like on Yuuta. Bonus if Yuuta’s reluctant/not actually a masochist but wants to please Mizuki.
Mizuki/Fuji = Mizuki’s sick of being ignored and resorts to despicable measures to get Fuji’s attention.
Mizuki/Fuji (onesided) + Mizuki/Yuta = If Mizuki can’t have Fuji’s attention, he’ll settle for Fuji’s hatred. What better way than to seduce or hurt Fuji’s little brother?
Mizuki/Wakato, one-sided Mizuki/Fuji = If he can’t have Shuusuke, he’ll just have Wakato copy Shuusuke for him.
Wakato/everyone = They don’t want him. They just want him to pretend to be whomever they want. Wakato obliges anyway.
Fudomine Team/Kirihara: Revenge gangbang, dub/non-con, mockery on Kirihara’s part, taunting them and asking if that’s the worst he can do, maybe even laughing at them or getting off on it?
Mizuki/Kirihara: The secret that Kirihara was keeping in ep 137 is that he’d gone for a lover’s tryst. He won’t out his lover or himself; Mizuki's got too strong a hold on him for that.

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