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To bait me, check out my listography!

It also lists all the fills I've done so far - it's 50+ so I do't want to put them all here, but I'm listing a few of the favorite fills I've done and the prompts I most desperately want filled!


  1. Akashi/Kise: Whenever Kise uses Perfect Copy for too long, he takes on the characteristics of whomever he spent the most time copying/starts hearing them speaking to him in his head. The latest person he's copied is Akashi.

  2. Akashi/Kirihara: Emperor AU where devil Kirihara is Akashi's secret weapon/court assassin/trained killer.

  3. Ryoma/Kise:AU where Kise sees Ryoma playing tennis and gets inspired to join the tennis team (aka Ryoma is basically Aomine in this verse).

  4. Akashi/Ryoma:Ryoma dares to look him in the eye and treat him like an equal. Akashi is not pleased. A prince should not be so arrogant in the presence of an equal. (AU where they go to the same school and nothing Akashi does works to fluster Ryoma?)

  5. Akashi/Kise (or Aomine, Kise or even Midorima):Akashi is not above faking a relationship to make someone do what he wants.

FILLS I'VE WRITTEN I'M ESPECIALLY PROUD OF: (please heed the warnings)

  • Mizuki/Fuji brothers: Mythology AU. What if the Fuji family were dryads of Fuji trees? PLEASE read the warnings! Fantasy horror.

  • Oikawa/Iwaizumi: Alexander the Great and Hephaestion have always been one soul in two bodies. Historical romance.

  • Kise/Hazaki: Flower shop AU. Kise is used to making bouquets for his customers, but a "fuck you" bouquet is a first. Apparently the customer is angry at someone. Humor.

  • Kukoro & GoM: Kuroko is 100% positive he is not a ghost but nobody else believes him. Humor.

  • Spider monster!Midousuji/Mountain God Toudou: PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS, THIS IS TERRIBLE. Fantasy horror.

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