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Avatar: The Last Airbender:
4 x Aang
3 x Zuko
3 x Sokka
3 x Katara
1 x Katara, Aang, Sokka, Zuko

(One Day, I Woke Up WHITE.)

If you've got no clue why I'm making icons saying that chars aren't white, check this out. I'm not even in the Avatar fandom OR the Earthsea fandom, and I'm headdesking pretty repeatedly.
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Snagged from [ profile] yamievandar, who snagged it from [ profile] misura who got it from [ profile] alighiera, who nicked it from [ profile] ariss_tenoh. Some of text has changed, but the basic point remains the same.

Her idea, is a one-sided private Yuletide, i.e. you get a story without having to write one in return. (This is a quote.) The rules are:

1. If you're on my FList, you get to play. If you're not on my FList but are reading this post, you also get to play.

2. You can request up to four different fandoms (or the same fandom four times, or whatever you want including crossovers as long as they are sensible i.e. do not require gigantic leaps of faith and suspension of doubt, reality and canon to work) - but please give me at least a character or pairing to work with and, if you wish, a phrase, setting, theme or whatever you want me to put in the story.

3. If there's something you absolutely want (or don't want) to see in your story, tell me.

4. You don't need to limit your requests to the fandoms I have listed below. Feel free to request any fandom at all, but keep in mind that the odds of me picking up a book are a lot better than the odds of me acquiring six seasons of a TV-show or a complete anime-series.

5. I will earnestly try to write at least one of your requests before the end of 2008.

The deadline for making requests is December 28th. The deadline for me to finish writing at least one of your requests is December 31st next year. My inner procrastinator likes this part quite a lot.

Also, if I owe anyone a GiftFic: I have probably forgotten what it is and lost the bunny for it. You can request it again here and it will be counted as part of the Yuletide thing. You can, of course, request something entirely different if you want. [ profile] brownie_utonium and [ profile] ceresi, you are exempted from this since I'm still working on your pieces.

My personal edit: If I can't write something, I'll graphic something up instead. Icons, banner, dolls, whatever. ♥ So you'll get SOMETHING, at least.

current fandoms! )

My preference tends to be for writing slash, but I'm fine with het and femmeslash too! One caveat: No requests for explicit sex scenes, please. I tend to suck at those, and not in the fun way. ♥ Fade to black is Fickle's friend!
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[ profile] brownie_utonium offered to draw me any piece of fanart I wanted if I wrote her Lilith/Eve fanfic. I happily agreed.

24 hours later, I have written 6,000+ words and am still not even near finished. And I'm not doing NaNo. Just getting carried away with excitement about how much I like this fic. Which I originally started writing because hey, fanart of Galactik Football is a rare and wonderful thing!

At the same time, I've also started writing fanfic again. For Galactik Football, my current addictive tiny fandom. 3,000 words for that, over two days. I'm still not doing NaNo. But I am amused at how suddenly creative I'm being. On that note, have a meme I snagged from [ profile] katarik! I know I usually have a no-meme stance in my journal but in this case, it seemed too apt to ignore. Strikeouts came from her, not me!

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

Falling All Over Again (working title), Original/Bible
Where Lillian’s lips had touched her, Evelyn’s skin felt blood-wet and warm, as if marked with the brand of Cain.

Netherworld, Galactik Football
“The man wears sunglasses in the middle of the night.” Sinedd pointed out, “He’s not exactly sane.”

3rd Level, Advance! Original
He would have to be a smoker; only another nic-lic would be able to interpret her fascination with his cigarettes as the cravings of someone who had been clean too long.
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As usual, I am offering Xmas cards to anyone that wants them, though they might take a bit longer to arrive than usual since now I'm living in Europe instead of America.

If you want a card, drop me your address in a comment! Comments are screened, and if you're running a similar holiday card exchange, drop me a link and I'll throw my address your way.

Also, if you've got a card and a stamp to spare, Deviantart volunteers hand-deliver cards sent to dA to people in hospital. Easy way to spread holiday cheer! Or, alternatively, send a postcard to help a little girl with her school project.

Happy Holidays over a month early, everyone! *points at PM* She put her one up early, so I followed suit. It'll stop me from sending them out after Xmas, hopefully.
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1) Sarah Palin talks to "Sarkozy". For those of you not in the know, that's the French President. Except it's not -- it's two guys from a Canadian radio show who get Palin to embarrass herself by gushing with fangirl-like enthusiasm over Sarkozy, probably in hopes of getting an endorsement or some overseas support. She hangs up when she realizes she's been tricked, unsurprisingly, but what worries me is that she didn't even realize the voice was wrong! I can recognize his voice and I'm definitely not in the running for Vice President of a major country.

2) Check Your Bias Here. A test from Harvard that identifies if you have an hidden bias where white/black people are concerned and the two American Presidential candidates. My results were a slight automatic preference for Black people over White people and a strong automatic preference for Barack Obama over John McCain.

Amusing, considering that I was taking this test thinking, "Yeah... Black versus White again. No South Asians involved." And slightly pouty over that. The black preference surprises me a lot more than Obama, since that one's obvious. Maybe it's because I live in Austria and I've yet to deal with racism from black people but have had plenty of it from Austrians, argh.

3) There's No One As Irish As Barack O'Bama! It's a song. Be warned, it's catchy. I still have it stuck in my head, days later!

4) I've gotten hooked on YGO: 5D's despite having refused to watch YGO GX. I blame the motorbikes. Ever since I heard that there are duels which take place while people are on MOTORBIKES, I've been itching to watch this series. And yes, this isn't a link, but there's more detail on my latest shameful fandom addiction under the cut )
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If you have time, could you please send a postcard to the address below?

c/o Catherine Leake (Third Grade)
Bains Elementary
P.O. Box
1940 St.Francisville, LA 70775

Why? Explanation comes from a person that is NOT ME. )

A few summers ago, I worked as a Special Needs Assistant for a bunch of kids in Boston. My boss sent me an e-mail from a friend of hers in hopes that I could send a postcard from Austria. I'm going one better and recruiting all of you to send something to her.

I know you live all over the place. Different places in America, different places in the world. Please take a few seconds to grab a postcard, jot down a message, and send it off.

As someone that lived with a disabled sibling, I can tell you that it's pretty much a guarantee that your parents are going to be so busy giving attention to your sibling (who genuinely needs it) that you're going to get the short stick. Getting lots of postcards from strangers would light up this kid's year Please do it! It won't take much time, and it would make a huge difference to her, I guarantee it.

Thank you in advance. ♥

Edit: If you want to repost this to your journal or link here, go ahead! I am fully in favor of anything that'll get Ella more mail.
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First up is [ profile] ager_sanguinis, asking when did 'intellectual' become a bad thing? Short, not-so-sweet and very cleverly pointing out that generally speaking, it's a good thing to have someone smarter than you in charge of important things like, say, running a country.

Secondly, read [ profile] copperwise's run-down of who is Joe Six Pack and Cindy Soccer Mom. Hint: it's probably not who the label makes you think.

women don't vote for Sarah Palin because we're jealous. Really. Possibly, hopefully meant to be tongue-in-cheek but incredibly poorly done, if that's the case.

Balancing that out is Salon's article on the Sarah Palin pity party and why it won't wash with women who have even an ounce of self-respect. We are not IDing with Sarah Palin as she becomes more incompetent. Instead, we're thinking "Oh man, STOP MAKING MY GENDER LOOK BAD." Read this article. I swear, if you only have time to read ONE of my links, read that one. Media meta about how the media treats candidates fascinates me and this article is full of links and smart commentary.

Finally, take a look at exactly how little Palin knows and what her debate strategy is. It has a flowchart! Everyone loves flow charts.

Got anything you think I should be reading? Link me! Just because I'm back in Europe doesn't mean I want to suddenly miss out on all the election drama, especially since I fully intend to vote in the November elections anyway.
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U.S. Troops In Homeland “Crowd Control” Patrols From October 1st.

Soldiers get sent overseas to Iraq. Soldiers get dragged back to America for crowd control patrols.

I don't think this what people mean when they say that America should worry less about 'freedom' overseas and more about their own freedom.

There is absolutely no way that this can be allowed to happen. Write to your Representatives, your Senators, your Governors -- anyone! And spread this link around as much as you can. The more people that realize that we are actually being turned into a police state, the more outrage there'll be. And hopefully, the more likely it'll be that the Act which made this possible is repealed.

If you aren't sure what to say, you can send the following letter:

Dear [name here],

America is not a police state. America is a nation that was founded on freedom. To have military police roaming the streets of America to go against the very principles that make this country so great. We are not your enemy. We don't need to have our own soldiers deployed against us.

This cannot stand. We are using our right to dissent to tell you that this is not what we want for America. This is not what America deserves.

You were elected to serve us, not to control us. Repeal this Act.


[name here]

Copy/paste the letter from the textbox, and then find the e-mail address of your Representatives, Senators or Governors.

If you're overseas, or not American, the contact info for the White House is as follows: = general contact information = Dick Cheney

And if you feel like getting a personal reply or making it clear that there's a LOT of confusion about how something like this is even possible in the USA, try pasting the letter into this form.

While you're at it, ask Obama what he's planning to do about this. Ask McCain. Would they be in favor of this initiative? Would Palin? Would Biden? E-mail all of them. They're the ones who'll inherit this Act, after all.

[ profile] a_white_rain's the one who linked me to the article on this. She'll have a website up soon using the same letter drafted above that'll let you submit the letter via a form and easily personalize it. Check out this link link to protest Congress. It uses the same letter that I wrote above!

In the meantime, PROTEST. E-mail, write, call, whatever. And tell everyone you can about this new way in which the President has seized more control than he should have.
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YAY ICONS! I woke up one morning with inspiration for an icon set floating about in my head, then spent most of a day working on them. Cue a set of 85 '[name] is my hero' icons. XD The icons are of various characters/groups from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and Misc. Characters featured included members of the Batfamily, the Supes, X-Men, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Green Lanterns, Spidey-world and many more.



Choose your hero/ine here at [ profile] icon_d! And if you can think of a hero/ine that'd icon well (as in, has a very recognizable symbol), then go ahead and suggest it via comments. I'm thinking of making an Avatar set and maybe a Naruto set, with the village and element signs, though that'd obviously be more for groups than for individual chars, alas.
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[ profile] sickficfest is a comm that's centered around writing bad people doing very bad things.

Surely you can see why I'd be interested.

It's accepting prompts until the end of September, the prompts will be claimed during October and the actual fics will only be posted in February. How can I wait that long?!

If you don't have the time or patience to write, go submit prompts here anyway because I want to write and so far, there are only two fandoms that I could possibly write for. And I'm getting a little carried away with submitting prompts myself at the moment anyway.
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Governor Palin has a Down's syndrome kid.

I know, I know, that doesn't seem like a reason for me to hate her. After all, I grew up with a handicapped sister, taught special ed kids, and am generally highly in favor of rights for disabled people.

But the thing is, Palin doesn't just have a Down's kid. She chose to have one. Early screening meant that she was warned that her baby had Down's syndrome but due to her stance on abortion, she decided to go ahead and have the child anyway.

STUPID. Stupid, stupid, stupid and selfish. So you're pro-life and refuse to abort this kid on principle? Congratulations, you've doomed him to a lifetime of suffering. A short lifetime, mind you, because most Down's kids have shorter lifespans and are highly susceptible to anything going around, but it's still pretty much a given that they're going to suffer for as long as they live. They won't be able to keep up with the other kids, they'll be developmentally stunted both physically and mentally and it's all your fault for having brought said kid into the world, knowing what he'd have to face.

In the class I taught, one girl called Sandy had Down's syndrome and about a month after I finished with her class, she died of pneumonia. Before that, she had to wear diapers all the time, and the aides had to take her into the bathroom to change her and wipe her ass, because she couldn't even manage that on her own. She couldn't talk normally, she was short and highly obese and even in the classroom full of special needs kids, she stuck out as even more hopeless than most. Sandy was 22 when she died, but she was about at the developmental stage of a 2-year-old, if that.

And this is the sort of child that Governor Palin thinks is a gift from God. This is the sort of life that she's going to cause the boy to lead, because she's too selfish to put aside her own views and think about what's honestly best for the child.

Apart from which, you know what? She has no business running for VP if she has a disabled kid.

Nobody with a disabled kid should be taking on a public office job that has a huge time commitment, because there's no way that they can do that and take care of their child at the same time. My parents both worked full-time, had a live-in nurse, a live-in maid and an older daughter who took care of herself (me), and even they worked themselves to the bone to take care of my sister. I refuse to believe that Palin can juggle four kids, a Down's syndrome kid, and the job of being VP all at once; there's no way she can manage it and still give her kids the attention they need, especially the disabled one.

Obama's choice of VP is 'meh', because for a guy who talks about CHANGE all the time, he went with a really traditional Old White Male choice.

McCain's choice? Thoroughly despicable. Even putting aside the anti-abortion, anti-contraception (wtf, has she never heard of AIDS?) issues, I have no respect for anyone who would deliberately bring a child into the world, knowing that child's life will be filled with nothing but suffering. No respect AT ALL.

Edit: If you want to know more about the political stances that Palin has, check out [ profile] ilyena_sylph's post here where she lays out on the line all the reasons why no liberal female should think that Palin's likely to be on their side.
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Link: Delta Makes Woman With Muscular Dystrophy Crawl Off Plane

"On July 20th, Julianna's (delayed) Delta flight landed in Atlanta at 7:30pm, with a connecting flight scheduled for 8:05pm. Julianna, who has muscular dystrophy, missed the connecting flight because nobody came with a wheelchair until 8:05—the same time the connecting flight took off. To make matters worse, the plane crew told Julianna she might make the flight anyway if she stopped waiting for help and got off the plane right now, so she crawled down the stairs on her own. When the wheelchair came she was "wheeled into a back room and advised" that her plane had taken off. But that was just the first half of her ordeal, and the next eight hours only got worse."

Delta can't be allowed to just brush her off with a meal voucher that she wasn't even able to use.

If you have a Yahoo account, Buzz it up. If enough people Buzz it, it might make front page news and put more pressure on Delta to compensate her adequately and change their policies so nothing like that happens again. If you have a Digg account, Digg it. The more negative publicity, the better the chances of Delta being shamed into acting.

And finally, spare a couple of seconds to go complain directly to Delta here. I know it looks intimidating because they're asking for all that RL info, but all they really need is a name and an e-mail address, if you checked the asterisk'd fields. In the comment box, link to the news article in question so that they'll know what you're talking about, then tell them exactly what you think of their behavior.

If anyone's got any further ideas on how to make the story more visible, drop me a comment. A public apology is the least of what they owe her, but it's something that can be achieved through the pressure of public opinion if enough of us actually put our outrage to good use and do something about this.
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It's International Blog Against Racism Week. Exams are killing my free time at the moment, but I wanted to share a quick note from my Harlem Renaissance class.

Toni Morrison, while teaching a class my professor took, pointed out that a white author, when trying write from a PoC's pov, wrote, "My black skin glinted in the sunlight" and that no black person would actually look down at their skin and think that.

It took me a second to figure out what she was saying but you know, she's right. In the mornings, do you think "I have to brush my blonde hair" or "I must rub lotion into my pink skin"? Unless you've been reminded that you're Other because of your skin color, or you're sunburnt, you are very unlikely to use an adjective to describe its color.

Apart from which, black? Really? Who actually has black skin? Brown, yes. Dark, dark brown, yes. Ebony, sure. Actual matte black, to the point that you look at it and think with no irony or cultural labeling, 'black'?

Which of the following two sentences makes more sense to you?

My skin itches.


My black skin itches.

Personally, the first rings a lot more like something I'd actually think and less like clumsy writing.

So! Quick, friendly tip to anyone out there thinking of writing a Character of Color: Don't constantly bring up their skin color for no reason except to prove it's a CoC.

It's great you're writing CoCs. It really is. Just be careful not to over-emphasize the physical differences in case it ends up sounding jarringly wrong.

And on a totally different note, basic accounts are back! The news post actually had some good news for a change.
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cybernetic future, wires through her veins
she feels the pulse of information in place of emotion
emo poetry and pro-ana make her suck her cheeks in
she regards herself in the mirror and camwhores
camera in her eyes and the click of her eyelids
the perfect old-style camera covers

her smile is black and every tooth is lettered
her canine teeth are enter keys and her tongue
is made of cables braided together

she is the perfect girl for this digital world
she is a creation of her own self-loathing

humanity was never worth it
humans never deserved her

now she is unique

and tomorrow
there will be a million more like her
marching down the assembly line
demanding android rights
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Contraception defined as abortion?!

What. The. Fuck.

Are they INSANE? What about all those countries all over the world that need American aid money, and women's clinics? What are they supposed to do, just hand out Pap smears and advocate pulling out? The global gag rule is bad enough. This? This is just beyond STUPID.

The world is already suffering from overpopulation. The last thing we need is more unwanted, unplanned-for babies.

Tell that to President Bush, and if you've got the cash to spare, make a donation to help Planned Parenthood fight it.
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I am now 22.

The world is FILLED with awesome because now my age is the exact same no matter which way you look at it! (Yes, weird things make me happy, hush.)

Tonight, I'm seeing Hancock with my flatmates and two friends. I think my flatmates made me a cake, yay! And I have cards and presents to open, whoo hoo!
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My 22nd birthday is coming up on the 10th of July, aka Thursday.

However, the 10th July is also going to be the six-month anniversary of my sister's death, so I'd prefer that all well-wishes, gifts, surprise phone calls, etc, are held off until the 11th.


(I know it seems kinda conceited to mention it, as if everyone knows when my birthday is and was planning something for it, but I just got reminded that livejournal sends out automatic notifications of birthdays, and I didn't want well-intentioned well-wishes to go to waste just because I crawl into my shell every 10th of every month.)

On a happier note, if you have absolutely no idea what I'd like, write me slash fic for Neal and Cameron from this episode of Cold Case. They only appear on that one ep, all the backstory of their lives is right there, and if you just watch that ep, you'll know everything about them necessary. Trigger warnings for mall massacre and attempted rape.

And on a non-triggery, very awesome note: TADA!

Most unintentionally gay icon ever. I blame Savior and all his talk of Lafayette slash.
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There's a Heinz Deli Mayo man that has two men sharing a brief kiss on the lips for the sake of humor. I liked it. I thought it was funny. And today, I found out that it's been pulled off the air thanks to complaints from viewers. It was meant to run for five weeks but instead, they've stopped airing it after only one week.

It's a very tame ad. It has only that one kiss between the two men, and it's such a short kiss. A peck on the lips, really! (If you haven't seen the ad, click here.)

It's definitely nothing that I would worry about children seeing and for that matter, the ad wasn't even being aired on childrens' channels because "Heinz Deli Mayo falls foul of Ofcom's TV ad restrictions relating to products that are high in fat, salt and sugar". Nothing to do with the two guys and everything to do with the product in question being unhealthy.

So, with that in mind, I want all of you to stop whatever you're doing right now and give feedback the Heinz corporation now.

The ad got pulled because of consumer outcry. Heinz claims "It is our policy to listen to consumers." Let's put them to the test by telling them that we don't care if two guys kiss on TV, we think it's a good thing, and it's shameful that they bowed to pressure from homophobic consumers.

It's easy to write in and bitch about a product. Let's write in and praise this ad, and see if they're willing to put it back on the air.

Click here, fill the required forms and make your voice heard.

You don't need to write a huge manifesto. A simple statement will do. For example, "I believe it's wrong to bow to pressure from homophobes, and I approve of the Deli Mayo ad that was pulled. Please put it back on the air. If you value consumer concerns, you will listen to the positive responses to the ad as well as the negative and see how many people did not find anything offensive about the ad."

If you've got the guts and a little spare time, you can call them at the toll-free number 800.255.5750 or send a letter to Heinz Consumer Affairs, P.O. Box 57, Pittsburgh, PA 15230. Or maybe just send them a boys-kissing postcard with "BRING BACK OUR AD".

Heinz says that they listen, so let's make ourselves heard.
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You mentioned you wanted Batman Beyond icons, so here's a bunch of them. Pick and choose whatever you like, credit to [ profile] icon_d preferably, and keep being your utterly awesome self. And writing that addictive Terry/Ryuuji story because OHMYGOD am I ever in love with it. XD

Some jobs are just too tough for Batman. That's when Terry McGinnis swings into action! )


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