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Who wrote 'em: [ profile] fickle_goddess aka [ profile] only_fiction

What it is: Rachel/Tobias, Animorphs. [used for thought speech]

What that means: Ten fics. Ten genres. Ten words or less.

Why you should try writing your own: It is so much harder than it looks. Really.

Why I'm crying on the inside: Because this really IS harder than it looks!

Other stuff I want to say: Want to see me do this for any other pairing other than the one I chose? Leave me a comment with the pairing and I'll do my best. I could use the writing exercise. XD Having actually written the meme results, NO WAY. Much too difficult to do multiple times. So only first five comments get to make requests.

Less than a hundred words of fic and I cut it anyway? )
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There's a meme opened up where you make gifts for random strangers or people on your flist. I think it's a fantastic idea. We just finished Sexual Assault Awareness month, had the mess with the Open Source Boobie Project and there's a feminism fiasco going on to do with WoC feeling marginalized, so something cheerful and positive is definitely a great idea from where I'm standing.

Currently, I have completed gifts for Dani and three total strangers.

Edit at Saturday, 9:10AM EST: Add in three more strangers and also, [ profile] princessjessia.

Current total: 8 overall, 6 strangers, 2 friends.

I pretty much choose whom to give gifts for based off their username and if we have any shared fandoms. And I'll probably keep going until it maxes out on comments. If anyone reading this signed up as well, link me to your comment via a comment here and I'll throw something your way as well!

Anything you throw my way is ♥, pretty much. April was a grueling month and finals are coming up, and I am very easy to please.

the ☂APRIL☂ showers bring ✿MAY✿ flowers meme
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1. Today is National Day of Silence. I went to class, though nearly didn't due to fatigue and bad sleep, and spoke up plenty -- then realized during the mid-class break that it was the Day of Silence and I should have kept quiet. Damn. I hope you guys are doing a better job of observing it than I am.

2. VTech shooting tragedy happened on Monday. I found out about it through [ profile] lenaf007's journal, who isn't on my flist but did take part in the YGO Anti-Hate Fest, and whose journal I clicked to randomly because I liked her Captain Jack Sparrow = Ryuuji icon.

I remember that I found out that Princess Diana died because I'd woken up early to watch something on Cartoon Network and they were showing a little bar at the top asking people to please check their local news channels. These days, it seems weird to me that a children's cartoon channel would do something like that, but back then, I waited until my mother woke up and came down, then showed it to her.

9/11, I was at piano practice with my teacher, and he mentioned it when I was leaving. We thought it was a joke, some sort of prank being played on the media. Then I came home and found out that it was all over the TV.

In poetry class today, we were talking about how often, people can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they find out about a tragedy. I guess that means no matter what else she may achieve in her life, Lena's always going to be linked to VTech in my head. Probably not how she wants to be remembered, but it's too late now.

It feels weirdly unreal to me, still. School shootings, I can kind of understand. I'm not justifying them in any way, but at least in a school, I can imagine bullies and emotional hell and having to deal with it day in and day out until you just snap. A college seems bigger to me. It's easier to just isolate yourself from those sort of elements though I know people that have had bad experiences in college, so it isn't that easy, I suppose. It still feels like in a school, you'd have a better chance of at least hitting people you dislike -- in a college, there's too big a pool of potential targets. You'd end up killing people you don't even know if you just fire at random.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

On a different note, [ profile] nyrehtak brought up the 'Ismail-Ax' on the guy's arm. If there really is a connection to the Animorphs series, I have no idea how I'd react to that. He supposedly sent a 1,800 word missive to the NBC, so maybe he explained that in there somewhere. Because yes, my first thought was of Ax when I read that, but Ax was kind of way too cool to go on a killing spree in a university. I'd like the psychopaths to please leave my favorite characters alone.

3. Dani is arriving tomorrow! I am in a tizzy of trying to clean up my room for her. And then we'll get a mattress for her tomorrow, and another mattress for Neko -- Cid, if you're still willing to let me borrow a mattress, I think that I figured out a way that I can actually fit three of them into my room so that we can all crash together. My laundry's in to wash, I'm moving furniture right now, and later, I'll vacuum the room and rebuzz my hair.

From Thursday, 18th April to Monday, 22nd April, I will be offline completely. AnimeBoston + Dani + Neko = WHEEE! But, WHEEE that excludes the possibility of me being on the Net, though I might pop online late Monday after Neko's gone. Try not to do anything drastic without me.

4. Placebo concert = new t-shirt with a cornflower blue Placebo logo. Anyone who finds me that logo on the Net will make me way happy.

5.It was Sri Lankan New Year last Saturday. Happy New Year, everyone!
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First of all, here's a little logic puzzle for everyone out there. Took me less than five minutes to solve it, so I bet most of you can do it as well. All comments are screened by default, and I'll unscreen those that don't have the answer. *shall offer a drabble or icon to anyone that gets it right though she's still writing out Xmas fics* No cheating and trying to Google it!

Once A, B & C went to a restaurant. After having tea and light refreshment they asked for bill, the amount of bill was $30 They decided to pay the bill amount on equal share. Everybody took out $10 from their pocket and paid the bill.

They were yet sitting and gossiping in restaurant, Suddenly the waiter realized that the amount of their bill was $25 not $30

He took $5 from counter and decided to return them. Then he thought they are 3 how will they share $5? So he has decided to keep $2 to him and return only $3 to them. He came to their table and returned them $3 with apology. Everybody took $1 and put in their pockets.

Now my question is first time everyone paid $10 later they get $ 1 refunded.

So everybody paid $9
$9 * 3 = $27

The waiter put $2 in his pocket.
$27 + $2 = $29

So, where is the remaining $1?

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own - 10 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

10 Weird Things About Me

1. I love complicated/weird color names. Red, blue, green -- they sound boring to me. I want crimson, scarlet, carmine. Or cornflower blue, prussian blue, or marine blue. Or mineral green, emerald green, or olive green. I especially love the two-word colors, like cornflower blue, which is always my default font color on MSN. I even have some of the colors listed in my interests in my profile.

The list goes on. )

My tags for this meme:

[ profile] fairly_grimm, [ profile] nevita, [ profile] ego_chan, [ profile] xinda, [ profile] a_white_rain, and [ profile] nyrehtak.

Does anyone know why it's always six people that get tagged? I'd think that ten would be more appropriate in this case.
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Link of the Day: This Is War.

Nope, not a political link. It's about Animorphs, actually, and why the final book ended the way it did. While procrastinating on writing final papers, I've been cleaning up my tags and found out that I had an Animorphs tag, which led me to a very old entry where I discussed a letter that [ profile] nyrhtek had linked to wherein K.A. Applegate discusses the end of the Animorphs series.

And I hated the end of the series. I really, really loathed it. I wanted to scream and fanwank about it when I read it though thankfully, I didn't have a livejournal or a deadjournal back then to rage about it.

Why thankfully?

Because I was completely and totally wrong to hate it as I did. She had a really good reason for ending it the way she did and just because I hated it on a personal level and was horrified at what happened to my favorite chars, well, reading her letter got me over that. Especially the following paragraph:

Pretty soon you'll all be of voting age, and of draft age. So when someone proposes a war, remember that even the most necessary wars, even the rare wars where the lines of good and evil are clear and clean, end with a lot of people dead, a lot of people crippled, and a lot of orphans, widows and grieving parents.


...And now I want a Tobias-hawk icon. Or maybe a Rachel-Tobias one. Canon ship ftw, in this case. Which is another reason why the Animorphs books are awesome -- they're good enough to make me ship a canon pairing, which is pretty rare where I'm concerned. I'm picky about shippings and pairings and unless I like both characters in a pairing, it's unlikely I'll like the actual pairing as a whole. And I'm even pickier about female characters, because there aren't that many of them to begin with and I tend to get a little irate when I keep empathizing better with the male chars than the females. Nothing against guys but it would be nice to have some female characters out there that I can understand and really get behind, you know what I mean?

So, Rachel/Tobias? Totally my rock-solid OTP there. Hits all my buttons and has two of my top three chars from the series. Occasionally my top two depending on what I've been reading recently.

Edit: I have an Animorphs icon now. XD Text is Elfangor's hirac delest, image is of Rachel and Tobias dancing. With apparently Ax-the-Afro-Andalite in the background.
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[ profile] ceresi had an an interesting post about Bush, torture and the need for Time Turners. Short but good.

And any other Animorphs fans out there? [ profile] nyrehtak_nna linked in a recent post to a fascinating letter about the final book that K.A. Applegate wrote. I'll be on the first to admit that I hated the last book.


Because of the cliffhanger. Because even after the war, they weren't done fighting. Because they got no peace. Because it just seemed so unfair that after everything, they should have to keep suffering. I can deal with character death. I can deal with unhappiness. But not letting them grieve in peace and forcing them out on another fight?

...Blah. And I loathe cliffhangers. Especially the kind she did where there is absolutely no hint as to how it ends.

Apart from that though, the letter is worth reading. She makes good points, she has good reasons and I like her attitude.

I still hate the book's ending but at least I understand what she was trying to achieve.


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