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When I first saw the images of nooses hanging from lamp posts, I thought it was some sort of evil backlash against Obama being elected the American president.

The actual explanation makes so much less sense. It's all the fault of Amnesty International. No, really.

I am filled with disbelief. I mean, seriously, EMPTY NOOSES HANGING FROM LAMP POSTS? How is that not incredibly creepy? Yes, I get that the point is to get people's attention but you know what? I'm not going to look at a noose and think, "Oh, hey, the death penalty's bad". I'm going to think, "Oh my god, who are they planning on lynching, I want OUT of this city right now!" And Germany does not have the most foreigner-friendly history either, which makes it all the more baffling that they'd do this.

I'm not black, I wasn't raised in America, and my first thought upon seeing a noose hanging from a lamp post near me would be "RUN!". Or possibly to call the police and report it just in case someone is going to actually be lynched there.

About the only bright side I can see is that the nooses came up last year, and so this isn't some strange form of racebaiting as a response to Obama.

Please note that I don't rule out that it's race-baiting. Just not as a response to him. Because argh, that's such a stupid gimmick.
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Last night, I was talking with an friend of mine about what her definition of rape is versus harassment is, and one of the things she brought up is how much she hates it when girls don’t say no or don’t protest clearly but then claim it was rape the next day.

So I thought that since it’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I’d write about a case in my life when I wanted to say no, didn’t manage to, but I really wish I had.

This was going to be an entry about how when I was seventeen, I once failed to say no/clearly show that I didn't want a guy sexually touching me. Then I reread the journal entries that I'd written at the time and realized that I hadn't ever said the actual word 'no', but I had signified discomfort in a lot of ways and tried to get away from him.

Here's an excerpt from one of the journal entries in question. Cut for possible triggers. Typoes left in for the sake of accuracy. )

Originally, I had remembered this as him touching my breast and me backing away from him. I hadn't remembered that I had fought back. I didn't remember that I kicked him, and I didn't remember that he continued with his advances afterwards.

That's not what's important here. The question is, why didn't I just say no instead of trying to physically get away from him and discourage him without having to actually talk about what was happening?

The answer's in the question itself. I didn't want to talk about what was happening.

Part of the Asian culture that I was raised in involves victim-blaming. If I had told him to stop it, I would've had to admit that he was doing something wrong, and then I would've had to examine my own behavior to see how I had caused it. If I kick him, leave the room, and then quit art class? I'm still not actually addressing the fact that hey, he's touching me, he's doing things to my body that I don't want, he is behaving like a jerk.

The next day, I had my boyfriend come into the classroom with me and sit with me. While my boyfriend was in the room, the 'friend' slid his hand onto my thigh (I was wearing shorts) and tried to feel me up.

I didn't tell my boyfriend what was happening. I just stood up.

And then I quit art.

I couldn't tell my parents why because they would've blamed me. I was the one who had chosen to take special after-school lessons, and my mother honestly believes that short skirts cause rape. My mother was rubbed up against by a guy on a bus for the entire ride home when she was a teenager, and she remained absolutely quiet and made no fuss until she got home, and then she started crying.

The Sri Lankan culture does not hold with 'making scenes'. I couldn't tell him no, because then I'd have to acknowledge what was happening. I'd have to make a scene. And that's simply not done. Even though I grew up in Europe, I still grew up inside a Sri Lankan household where if a man is taking liberties with you, it's because you've somehow signified you're open to them.

Who knows? Maybe I didn't kick him hard enough. Maybe I should've kicked him in the balls to show that I meant no.

Or maybe I should've just swallowed down a lifetime of being told to be a good, quiet little Asian who doesn't make waves and called him on it.

I was too scared to. Apart from my indoctrination into silence, I didn't know what would happen next. What if he denied anything was happening? What if he told everyone else that I'd accused him of molesting me and then laughed at the idea that he'd do anything like that with me? What if my parents found out about it?

So I kicked him, I pushed him away, I brought my boyfriend to show him that I was taken and not interested, and finally, when none of that worked, I quit art class.

But I never actually voiced the word 'no', or faced up to what was happening to me.

Strange as it may seem to some of the Western readers on my flist, I'm using this post to promote Sexual Assault Awareness concerning yourself.

It is YOUR body. You have a right to decide what other people do with it. If someone is making you uncomfortable, tell them 'Stop'. They are the ones in the wrong, not you. Facing that something bad is happening to you is infinitely preferable to trying to dodge around it, because as long as you can't stand your ground, they're going to keep pushing until they've backed you into a corner.

The last time someone groped me, I yelled at them to 'FUCK OFF OR I'LL BREAK YOUR HAND'. The man in question quickly sloped away.

No matter how shy you might be, how uncertain and scared, or how tied to a culture that keeps you very firmly passive, your body is still yours. And you are never the bad guy for telling someone that what they're doing to you is wrong. Never.
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Heard of the Open Source Boobie Project?

If you haven't, you should probably know straight off the bat that the name's a misnomer. Open Source has nothing to do with this because breasts are not publicly shareable bits of property. Breasts belong to the person they are attached to. They do not belong to anyone else -- not the doctor, not the plastic surgeon, not the boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other of the moment and not the hungry baby. My breasts, my uterus, my vagina, my body.

And if you try to act otherwise, I will most likely oppose your viewpoint either firmly or violently depending on your level of stupidity.

That said, what exactly am I so snarly about this? Multiple reasons.

  1. For a moment, everything that was awkward about high school would fade away and you could just say what was on your mind. It was as though parts of me were being healed whenever I did it, and I touched at least fifteen sets of boobs at Penguicon. It never got old, surprisingly. Women are not responsible for your sexual healing. If you had a hard time picking up girls in high school or getting to touch their breasts, dressing up wanting to touch a lot of breasts at a con as 'sexual healing' does not make it look less sleazy. Like someone else said, my breasts do not have magical healing powers.

  2. Like [ profile] brown_betty said, "apparently there is a deeply felt conviction among some subset of men that the problem with today's society is that they do not have enough access to women's bodies."

    Of all the things that are wrong with society, I really don't think that's one of them.

    Four more reasons under the cut. )

    More reactions, many much more articulate, can be found here.
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I'll be back in Boston by the 2nd of September and dude, Davis Square just hopped right to the top of my flist of places to go (apart from Harvard Square so that I can pick up my comics fix, of course). Why?

Well, because of this wank, wherein an idiot suggests opening a hair salon for men along the lines of hooters in a Davis Square comm and the members don't react happily. In the b0ston comm, where the guy posts again about the idea, people also think it's stupid and someone even sarcastically suggests Davis Square. XD

It even hits the b0ston snark comm, and the post on the Red Sox comm has killer tags.

*grinning like a wild thing* Best comment to the entire mess was this one, reproduced in full below:

It's a sorry state of affairs in this country when the lure of titties is necessary to get men to groom properly.

That said, I think Davis would likely be a nightmare choice of location for a business like this. It's the wrong crowd. Since you don't know the area, its only fair to tell you that heterosexuality is far from universal in this neighborhood. We have a very strong representation of gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered, polyamorous, pagan, geek and everything else that doesn't fall smack into the mainstream. Which is not to say there aren't heterosexual men here who like boobies. There are. But there are a lot of women who like 'em, too.

Honestly, I would skip all of Somerville, all of Cambridge, and probably most of Boston except Kenmore and the Fenway area. Someone said Nashua, and that's probably a good bet. You also might do well out in the Route 1 area, where there are a lot of sports bars and strip malls where what you're doing could work out well.

I spend enough time feeling rather dismayed to be American that it's fantastic when something happens that makes me gleeful to be a Bostonian. XDDDD
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defy the model minority. perpetual foreigner. kung-fu
fighting. china doll. lotus blossom. dragon lady. we
speak english. we are not submissive. quiet. exotic. sex
objects. fuck the asian fetish. we will not love you long
time. asian is not oriental. we are not terrorists. we
don't have sars. asian is not white. don't assume we're
always straight. we are outspoken. progressive.
proactive. independent in thought and action. our
beauty is the union of our voices. not slanty eyes. we
are women of color. we fight for asian american
studies. we love yuri kochiyama. the big bad chinese
mama.we are yellow and we are brown. we are a
political construct. remember vincent chin. remember
granada. mazanar. minidoka. by the way, our men have
penises. big ones too.

If you don't know what any of those are, look them up. Credit for the above goes to the Wellesley Asian Alliance, which printed pink t-shirts with the text on the back.

I love it. I love it to pieces because it says so much about stereotypes of Asian women, stereotypes that -- surprise, surprise! -- the media perpetuates. That we self-perpetuate. It can be scary to have to talk in front of people. It can be terrifying to talk about racism or race, knowing that people are going to get defensive and insist they're not racist instead of listening to what you have to say. It makes sense to filter for other people of color if you want to just talk without having to fight. Having to fight can be tiring. Unfeminine. Culturally bad. Stereotype-shattering.

But this is one stereotype that I am heavily invested in shattering.

When was the last time you saw an image of an angry South Asian woman? I was looking for pictures for an RP I was in, and I couldn't find any.

Rai's last role in Provoked was about a woman that set her husband on fire for repeatedly raping/beating her, but she even did that with tears rolling down her cheeks. I have no idea why angry South Asian women are so threatening that they can't even be shown on screen but they do not get to be angry. They pout, they cry, they are dramatically beaten and angsty, but there's no anger. No rage. Even when they get revenge, they do it woefully.

It's okay for South Asian women to be victims, but not for them to stand up for themselves. I used to think it was a cultural problem, but I don't think it's just that. I've seen real women, real South Asian women, be passive-aggressive or just passive, but I've also seen them angry. But never in public. Never on TV. That would give them a bad reputation and it would go against the stereotype of Asian women being more docile than Western women.

After all, until relatively recently, people were still talking about widows throwing themselves onto their husbands' funeral pyres. Arranged marriages were common. Asian women didn't cheat on their husbands, right? They were happy to be housewives and treat their husbands with the proper level of respect.

That's why they're easy to fetishize. They're smaller, differently cultured and used to come from colonies. Asian women have exotic Karma Sutra-style ideas, but they also like to cook. Their culture is inferior to Western culture. They don't nag or push for marriage or make you buy them tampons. They will love you long time.

And right now, a lot of them probably think you're idiots for having bought into the media hype.

Asian women are women. Women are people. Asian women are people. And the stereotypes are going down.

The first one to die will be the idea that Asian women don't get angry, because we're here, we're angry, and we're not going to shut up.
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According to my mother, I don't tan the same way that real Sri Lankans, who grew up in Sri Lanka, do. When it's summer and my skin starts to darken, it goes reddish-brown-golden. If I had grown up in Sri Lanka, my mother says that it would just go browner. Darker. The additional color boost of red wouldn't be in there, since the red is the brown-person version of white sunburn.

I'm also too pale for most Sri Lanka-raised Sri Lankans, mostly. I lived mostly in Austria, and now in America. Neither of those are countries that have the sort of year-round sunshine that Sri Lanka does.

But that's actually a good thing by Sri Lankan standards! See, pale is good. Fair is good. The maids call my sister "sudhu baba", which means "white baby". Or "sudhu manikay" which is "white darling". Calling someone white is a compliment. White means that you can stay inside and not work and that you look like the former ruling class. Dark means that you work outside, possibly in the rice fields, possibly selling stuff by the roadside, and that you're not attractive.

My aunts always hustle me in out of the sunshine if they see me hanging around outside, soaking it up. They don't want me getting dark. I wouldn't be pretty any longer in their eyes if I did.

It's not just them, though. It's the whole country. Sri Lanka sells whitening creams. They have actual creams that you can put on your skin that will peel off your skin and make you look fairer.

I think it's disgusting, but it's not like Bollywood or Hollywood are helping much either. Do an image search for 'Bollywood female stars' or 'Bollywood actresses' and take a look at what you see. Most of them are going to be relatively fair, with brownish hair instead of actual black hair. They might still have South Asian facial features and bone structure but their coloring will be light, possibly South European.

In fact, Aishwarya Rai, who won the Miss World contest in 1994 and is appearing in this year's American film, The Last Legion, is incredibly fair-skinned and could easily 'pass' for white or mixed. In Sri Lanka, the descendents of Sri Lankans and colonialists, the so-called Burghers, were given preferential treatment for ages because they looked white, and therefore more trustworthy/advanced than the darker-skinned Sri Lankans with no white blood in their ancestry.

I know that there was a lot of discussion about how Halle Berry is also fair-skinned, and the predominant trend of Hollywood to cast paler-skinned blacks in movies, but generally speaking, there aren't usually South Asian women in Hollywood films for me to look at critically. When there are Asians, it tends to be the Lucy Liu type from Charlie's Angels or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. East Asian, as opposed to South Asian, where shades of skintone aren't as varied. Bend Like Beckham is one of the exceptions to the rule and I must say, I loved that movie, but in general, there aren't many South Asian women having major roles in movies outside of Bollywood.

Now we finally have a South Asian woman acting in a popular film, but the actress is one of those that fit most closely the stereotype about white -- about non-Indian -- being beautiful.

Not much of a victory, I'd say.
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[Poll #1033280]

I didn't want to move after Strikethrough '07. My reasoning was that LJ had messed up, but they'd apologize, fix the problem, and not do it again.

Obviously, I was wrong.

Right now, I have a JournalFen account, a lostjournal account, and a Deadjournal account.

The deadjournal account has chronicles of my emo teen years and apart from getting a paid account which would only get me 24 invite codes at the most to give out, I think it's highly unlikely that my flist would be able to migrate over there, or would want to.

Lostjournal, I've never used and don't care too much about. I also have no idea what their policies are, so I doubt that I'm going to start using that one either. Username: illusion

JournalFen, I use mostly for Fandom Wank. You need a paid account to get journals for other people, but there aren't any limits on how many accounts you can have made, so I'm seriously thinking about getting a paid account there. Generally speaking, if they're willing to host Fandom Wank, I'd assume that they're willing to host anything that isn't actually getting DMCA notices sent to them. And their servers are robust. XDDDDD Username: damienraptore

Insanejournal, I headed to check out just because a lot of my flist was talking about it and the admin laid down clear rules on what's okay and what isn't. I started to create an account, was going to snag fickle_deity or just fickle but put Damien in just because I thought that it would say it was taken, found out it wasn't, and now that's my account. Though I'm considering getting a paid account there to get rid of the ads, and if I do that, I might switch to one called Fickle instead since more of my flist calls me that than anything else. Not sure. Username: Damien

At any rate, if I leave, most of my RP journals are going to be deleted just for the sake of me doing the survey that asks WHY I'm leaving. I've got enough RP journals to spend an entire month sending them one deleted journal per day with a complaint about LJ's incredibly stupid customer service skills.

I've got a paid account until December. I'm staying at least that long, even if only to complain. After that, all bets are off.

Oh, and if anyone actually needs pictures of boys or girls or whatevers kissing as a reward for taking that poll, drop me a comment and I'll supply something. ♥
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[Poll #1031454]

Quite apart from anything else, the idea of considering mixed-species relationships as the same kink as mixed-race relationships is one that makes me boggle. But let's get down to the meat of this post, shall we?

So, over at [ profile] daily_deviant, the mods manage to suggest miscengenation (have a good explanation of why it's a racist term) would be a good prompt, were informed it's a racist term and perhaps they could use 'interracial' instead, refused and took offense at being told they could be OMGRACIST for using that term, and then there was a wanksplosion.

Meanwhile, the DD mods have changed the term but they haven't apologized for the way they behaved at the start, especially to [ profile] witchqueen who was the original one to bring up her complaint. Go comment to their latest admin post and point out that just perhaps when you accuse someone of being oversensitive and defaming your comm, you might want to apologize when you realize you're wrong.

And as a reward for those of you that go comment (which I'm sure is going to be all of you, right? ^_~) : Boys kissing -- color-coordinated to match the theme of this post, even.
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Tamil Tigers celebrate 20 years of suicide bombing.

Okay, first of all, suicide bombing is nothing to celebrate.

Forget dying for a cause. Forget being a martyr. Forget all the propaganda and think about what it means for a little, huh?

Suicide bombing involves being blown up into bits of gristle and bone and flesh; it is not pretty, it is not a heroic death and it's definitely not something to celebrate. Suicide bombing means that you are deciminating your own ranks; it means you think so little of your soldiers and your soldiers' families that you are willing to send them out on missions that have absolutely no chance of them returning. It means you think people are so blinded by the cause that they'll keep following you even after the disregard you've shown for their lives.

Suicide bombing is imprecise. Civilians are caught in the explosion, but that doesn't matter, does it? If you're willing to sacrifice your own soldiers, after all, it doesn't matter if people who have absolutely nothing to do with the military are blown up. They probably hate you anyway. You're the reason that the government is camped out in their backgardens; you are the ones who are keeping this war going.

Suicide bombing is absolutely nothing to celebrate. Twenty years of desperate, stupid people blowing themselves up in attempts to kill other people? Also nothing to celebrate. Families left behind, 70,000 people killed overall? Again, not a cause of celebration.

Celebrations are meant for good things. Twenty years of people killing themselves for a stalemated, publicly-not-happening-war is not a good thing, and as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to celebrate.

Stupid. The idea of celebrating stupidity on the suicide bombing scale is just so fucking stupid.

I am not a patriot but I am a person, and I say now that this war must end.
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While discussing Obama vs. Clinton the other day with a guy, the man in question came forth with this pearl of wisdom:

"Women make laws when they can't make quiche."

Unsurprisingly, that infuriated me.

Politics is not something that women do because they're not good at cooking, or domestic arts. Running the country is in no way a consolation prize for being a bad cook or housewife!

If you want to get into politics, it means that you want to have a say in the direction that the country heads in. It means you want to influence the social system of the country, the international opinion of the country and the financial situation of the country.

If you're running a country like America, it means that you're affecting the whole damn world. The reprecussions of your decisions will be felt by countries so far across the globe that they're going to sleep when you're having lunch, or waking up when you're eating quiche for dinner.

Going into politics means that you have power.

Baking a quiche isn't especially empowering (unless you poison it, I suppose).

Being involved in American politics -- running for President, running for Senate, canvassing house-to-house, putting up posters, and hell, even just showing up voting -- means that you can change the world.

I think that's better than baking one lousy quiche.
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No charges pressed!

I have to admit, I really love the idea of a guy defending his ex-girlfriend's privacy by throwing a can of baked beans at a reporter.

Of course, I'm also one of those people who think that celebrities and their lives aren't interesting in the least and the paparazzi should just back off already, but still, Hugh Grant managed to both amuse me and make me feel vaguely proud of him for standing up for his ex.

...Please note, throwing a baked bean can at a reporter for trying to spy on your ex-girlfriend is different to spitting on one for trying to take a photograph of you. I'm still disgusted with Avril Lavgine for the latter, but I have to admit, Hugh Grant's coming off as pretty chivalrous in my eyes right now.

I'm always weirdly pleased when people stand up for each other. If nothing else, lj strikethrough '07 was awesome because of how quickly the el-jay users banded together to coordinate things like keeping track of deleted journals/comms, spreading the word, starting up protest memes, switching userpics, etc. Newsies has a special place in my heart because it taps into the 'people really can do good together!' idea that I not-so-secretly love, especially because I think it's so unrealistic.

Oh, and a note on userpics -- I didn't change mine for the strikethrough protests, and I rarely do change mine to jump on bandwagons, but I do think that userpics are an effective way of getting a message across. Meaning that if people want to make/use icons about strikethrough '07, I think they should go right ahead.

On el-jay, they're the equivalent of someone's t-shirt to me. If I see a political icon, I react to it the same way I would if they were wearing a political t-shirt, either with a mental sigh or by making a casual comment like 'nice t-shirt' or 'icon love!', depending on the situaton.

If I had more of an interest in how societies work (or, alternatively, more time!), I'd probably spin off onto a tangent about how my flist is like a microsm of el-jay. There are the people who are still wary of Six Apart, the people who are backlashing into being anti-fandom, the people who think they're safe now and it's over, and the people who are completely indifferent to it.

I probably fall in the category of 'still wary', just because as long as I have a paid account, livejournal remains a product to me. If I buy a book, I expect it to still have all its pages, not have some ripped out for having inappropriate material. If I'm given a new book by a friend, fresh from the bookshop, and it's missing pages, then I'd complain to the bookshop or the company that printed the book (obviously not the friend's fault). If I'm given a second-hand book by someone, then fine, it's a freebie and I know it's going to be used already so no complaining about its quality.

Please note, I'm not saying that free users don't have the right to complain about changes they dislike to livejournal, but my point is that if Six Apart wants to run livejournal like a business, then they need to listen to their customers.

In this case, they're doing that a little late, but they are listening, so I'm pleased with them for that but still definitely wary. Especially because of the rumors that they're thinking about becoming an IPO.

...And wow, this entry rambled. In conclusion, have some bullet points!

  1. Hugh Grant is awesome for defending his ex-girlfriend.
  2. People are awesome when they look out for each other.
  3. Userpics do matter.
  4. My flist is very diverse.
  5. Six Apart needs a better PR department, if nothing else.
  6. Passion is ♥.
  7. Apathy doesn't just kill. Apathy kills excruciatingly slowly.
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If your flist hasn't already exploded about lj's spree of deleting journals based on their interests, go take a look over here.

There's also protest-meme going around where you remove all your interests and replace them with simply 'freedom' or 'freedom of speech' in addition to signing the petition linked to in that entry.

The whole mess has even made it onto Fandom Wank.

Personally, I'm curious. Do people with Paid Accounts get refunds on their remaining time if their journals are deleted/suspended for completely ridiculous reasons? I don't think that I have anything triggering in my interests, but if mine goes under, you can bet that I'm going to inquire about the logistics of this.
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Link of the Day:Wall of Protest!

This isn't really a link of the day. This is a link for today, for tomorrow and for yesterday. This is a link that came into being because of the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion last week, and because of North Dakota's new piece of legislation that will make abortion illegal there if Roe vs. Wade is overturned. This is a link that's meant to keep abortion safe and legal for the future.

Wall of Protest.

Go there and submit a photo. Sign it. Spread the news. Post about it on your own journal. Make other people sign.

Visual representation works better than text, and this is going all the way to Capital Hill.

If you want to see what I submitted, here. I set up the shot just so that I could have something to submit that looked good and showed that I'd made an effort. Anything upto 4MB is accepted so don't worry about resizing whatever you want to give in.

Anime Boston news will come soon, I promise. It's just that this is more important.
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Tamil Tigers wound US and Italian ambassadors.

Normally, I stay away from blogging about Sri Lanka politics but honestly, the Tamil Tigers just sounded like such idiots that I had to quote them here.

"I express our regret at this unfortunate incident," said Rasiah Ilanthirayan, the Tamil Tiger spokesman.

"We are shocked at how the Sri Lankan state childishly exposed very high-level diplomats," he said.

"Our people were not informed of the diplomatic movement...This is a criminal negligence on the part of the Sri Lankan military," Ilanthirayan said.

So, let's get this straight, the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist organization that is responsible for the civil war that's been raging in Sri Lanka for over twenty years, is blaming the Sri Lankann military for their assault on the diplomats? Does anyone else think this sounds incredibly stupid?

"Oh, yeah, we attacked the diplomats but it was YOUR FAULT for letting them be near us!"

Since, you know, it clearly wasn't the Tamils' fault for being idiot terrorists that attack helicopters without even checking to see if they're carrying civilians, military or in this case, foreign diplomats.

If Bush invades Sri Lanka to get rid of the Tamil Tigers, I am going to be pissed beyond belief.
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[ profile] mirrored_echo is currently over and the two of us are watching-slash-snarking Troy, which is riddled with historial inaccuracies that are barely compensated for by pretty boys in skirts. Also, I'm spelling Akhilles with the k because I got told ages ago that's how it meant to be spelt, and it kind of stuck with me.

Would you like some historical accuracy with your whining? )

Laptop died. Snark picks up again at the battle where Patroclus dresss up like his gay lover.

Damn this for making me lose track of my numbering system. )

[ profile] mirrored_echo just had to leave to make sure she got to class tomorrow so the rest of it is done on my own.

Epic whining. )

First time I saw the movie in a theatre, I counted 34 errors on my own through the entire movie. Now, only snarking maybe half of it, I managed to rack up 37 errors with [ profile] mirrored_echo snarking all except the last 35 minutes with me.

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Some days, I really, really hate people.

Elie Wiesel, for those of you who don't know, wrote a very famous book called Night about his experiences of the Nazi death camps. It's an incredibly moving and emotionally honest book. I grew up in Austria, I grew up knowing of the concentration camps and death camps and the atrocities committed, but absolutely nothing brought it home like the way that book did.

It horrifies me to think that even now, so many years after the Holocaust and probably when Wiesel thought he was safe, someone would target him for anti-Semitic reasons. Hasn't he suffered enough already? Attacking anyone based on such a stupid reason is awful but to go after someone that's had to live through an experience like that is the kind of thing that makes me want to scream -- there should be a level of pain that if you endure, you will not have to suffer more.

Argh. Breathing is ridiculously difficult when I'm this outraged.
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Elitism, or why certain people aren't wanted at the RP barbeque and why we don't give a damn if that means we need to lace our sauce with arsenic to keep them away.

Best part of her rant?

to everyone else: stop being so nice. Stop it. Seriously. BE a little more elitist. It's NOT TOO MUCH to expect your players to not only punctuate and use pretty words, but to be considerate of other players, or even, you know, funny, or awesome. Expect more. Look for more. You yourself will not become a better RPer surrounded by morons. You learn more and have more fun when you're surrounded by good, intelligent, witty RPers. I consider myself very lucky to have the group of RP-friends that I have now.

Read it, and rethink your own use of the word "elitist".

And on a more serious note, Kime talks about the JROTC, and is interested in hearing other people's opinions. Don't know what that is? Click the link. I haven't commented there yet, but that's because I'm trying to multitask at the moment since Savior named me his shopping guru.

That entry is currently f-locked. Apologies, everyone, I'll remove the strikes once it's open again. Instead of that, read about a horrific sexual assault case in Toronto. The OP claims that race is a factor, but what's getting to me more is the fact the victim-blaming being flung around, especially considering how long the abuse apparently lasted for.


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