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You know what the world needs?

More art of chars of colors and more publicity for the art that's already out there!

There's been plenty of discussion about chars of color/non-white chars in fiction, so let's start promoting artwork. There have already been some gorgeous collections of artwork done via links in journals, but I think something that updates on a more regular basis and is easy to find would be fantastic.

My idea is to create a dA club that'll favourite the works of chars of color/non-white chars. Members can join and submit pieces, and every month, we can have a journal update that'll feature two or three especially talented artists. Why dA? Collecting artwork on dA means that the artists will always be credited and art theft can't take place, and that the artists will know that their work is appreciated when they see that it's been fav'd. It's also tidy, used by a lot of people and therefore has a lot of art to choose from. delicious would be easier if we wanted to collect artwork from all over the web but unfortunately, delicious doesn't have the same awesome thumbnails for viewers and notifications for the artists that their work is being collected.

Current names up for consideration: charsofcolor, chars-of-color, multicolorful -- the last is the idea of [ profile] skywardprodigal, who pointed out that not everyone is okay with the term "chars of color" because they prefer to ID themselves as "non-white". If you've got ideas as to what other good names would be, please toss them my way! [ profile] deepad has now suggested chromaticart and [ profile] kialo would like the word 'reflections' to be in somehow.

Current categories to sort artwork into: fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, modern, mythological, fanart: anime, fanart: literature, fanart: movies, fanart: tv, het couple, gay couple, lesbian couple, group pic, horror, urban fantasy. The last two were suggested by [ profile] takishia. Again, if you've got ideas for other ways to categorize art, drop a comment!

Only rule I have so far is that if we fav a piece for the club, we will comment telling the person about the club and offering feedback on it at the same time, just to encourage the artist to draw more chars of color/non-white chars. I don't want to mod it on my own, and have already asked [ profile] skywardprodigal to co-mod with me, but am thinking that more mods might be necessary because the more people who have access to the club account, the more people that can favorite work they find on dA that's club-appropriate. The other option is to tell people to note the club if they find something suitable but honestly, that's enough work that I doubt most people would bother doing that. Clearly, I need help with ideas for that as well!

This idea is just percolating in my brain still, so any and all feedback or ideas will be appreciated. Especially if you've had any experience modding clubs on dA before.

Edit: Added in two more name suggestions, and two category suggestions, all taken from comments.
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Or, at least, finals are. I turned everything in, parents are flying up on the 26th for commencement, and I am going to do my best to catch up with my flist again,

So, that said, FLIST, talk to me! We just had a crazy season ending for House. And Desperate Housewives sort of KILLED me. *pokes you all* I know you guys watch those shows, so talk to me about them! I'm cutting for spoilers, even.

Desperate Housewives DESPERATELY needs to make sense, stat! )

House M.D last, so you don't have to read the DH stuff if you don't want to. )
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Link of the Day: Fox News Finds Out About 4Chan. FEAR THE INTERNET TERRORISTS!

For those of you who don't know the details, that was actually 420chan, not 4Chan, which is apparently quite different but if you Google 4Chan, you'll see exactly how stupid it is. Also, the guy who's talking about his MySpace having been hacked? Was a member, tried to get them to target a chick that he didn't like, got mocked and voila, revenge! Sort of, anyway. XD

Apart from there, here's some fandom-type stuff.

First of all, International Blog Against Racism week starts next Monday on the 6th August. I'm probably going to be taking part, so watch out for me suddenly blogging a lot about what it means to be Sri Lankan in Austria, Sri Lankan in America and an expatriate Sri Lankan in Sri Lanka. It might result in me reopening the offer to make flag icons, as well.

Secondly, I watched the starting ep of the YGO Capsule Monsters thing today. Alexander is hot, Jou's a spaz (still) and the fact that this season will be lacking in Seto, Ryuuji and Mai mean that I'm totally unwilling to watch it except for the Alexander-the-Evil bits.

Thirdly, IalsomighthavewatchedalittleYGOGX. BY ACCIDENT, OKAY! But Aster Phoenix is kind of hot. Like a younger Pegasus.

Fourthly, there is no third point. Really. Ignore it.

Fifthly, I'm scheduled to give a half-hour presentation on my summer internship to the Nuclear Power Engineering Section on the 27th August and am just a wee bit nervous at that idea. I haven't even started making a slideshow yet! But I will be strong. And do well.

Sixthly, nobody on my flist said that they haven't read HP yet. Again, if you haven't read the book and are spoiler-phobic, comment! It's been long enough that I don't feel the need to keep spoilers behind cuts unless there actually is someone on my flist who is still behind the times.
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YES! The computer at home is semi-working now! Or, at least, I can sort of access the Internet.

On the downside, Yahoo is getting really weird and linking to user reviews and Yahoo!Answers columns instead of actual articles. *so annoyed by that*

I really wish that I was in the US so that I could take part in Blogathon. [ profile] tonbo is doing it on my flist, so go to her journal and leave encouraging comments if you want to help keep her awake.

Cold Case has been added to the list of shows that I've started watching quite happily.

Reread HP 7 and post a conversation with Numa, I now have more interesting theories concerning my favorite char in the book. For the sake of anyone on my flist who hasn't read it -- ACTUALLY! Robot roll call! If you have NOT read HP 7 yet, leave a comment to my post saying so. If I get no answers saying that, I will assume that my journal doesn't need to be a spoiler-free zone and start talking about HP 7 without using a cut.

But for now, I cut! )
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Computer at home died, Internet there runs on a modem so I can't hook it up to my laptop, shall be online during work hours and not home time. Still living with parents.


If anyone knows of a slash-friendly RP set around the time of Grindelwald and Dumbledore, or even a Marauder's-era one (I have a sudden, renewed fondness for Regulus) that's looking for players, let me know.
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Sian & I! )

HP: Order of the Phoenix. Liked it better than the book, had a long vidcast with Sian that got erased when my laptop crashed while recording it, and just read some spoilers that was in a link in WR's post.

OMG! I just went to the link again and the journal has been deleted! Do you think that means the spoilers were real and the journal got deleted for posting copyrighted material before it was even released, or did the ontd_trash journal owners delete it to give the scanned pages more street cred?

...If those spoilers (actual scanned pages from the book, supposedly) were real, I will fucking laugh at how awful JKR's writing has gotten. I really, really will. XD And then I'll curse the 20 Euros I spent buying that piece of trash.
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No charges pressed!

I have to admit, I really love the idea of a guy defending his ex-girlfriend's privacy by throwing a can of baked beans at a reporter.

Of course, I'm also one of those people who think that celebrities and their lives aren't interesting in the least and the paparazzi should just back off already, but still, Hugh Grant managed to both amuse me and make me feel vaguely proud of him for standing up for his ex.

...Please note, throwing a baked bean can at a reporter for trying to spy on your ex-girlfriend is different to spitting on one for trying to take a photograph of you. I'm still disgusted with Avril Lavgine for the latter, but I have to admit, Hugh Grant's coming off as pretty chivalrous in my eyes right now.

I'm always weirdly pleased when people stand up for each other. If nothing else, lj strikethrough '07 was awesome because of how quickly the el-jay users banded together to coordinate things like keeping track of deleted journals/comms, spreading the word, starting up protest memes, switching userpics, etc. Newsies has a special place in my heart because it taps into the 'people really can do good together!' idea that I not-so-secretly love, especially because I think it's so unrealistic.

Oh, and a note on userpics -- I didn't change mine for the strikethrough protests, and I rarely do change mine to jump on bandwagons, but I do think that userpics are an effective way of getting a message across. Meaning that if people want to make/use icons about strikethrough '07, I think they should go right ahead.

On el-jay, they're the equivalent of someone's t-shirt to me. If I see a political icon, I react to it the same way I would if they were wearing a political t-shirt, either with a mental sigh or by making a casual comment like 'nice t-shirt' or 'icon love!', depending on the situaton.

If I had more of an interest in how societies work (or, alternatively, more time!), I'd probably spin off onto a tangent about how my flist is like a microsm of el-jay. There are the people who are still wary of Six Apart, the people who are backlashing into being anti-fandom, the people who think they're safe now and it's over, and the people who are completely indifferent to it.

I probably fall in the category of 'still wary', just because as long as I have a paid account, livejournal remains a product to me. If I buy a book, I expect it to still have all its pages, not have some ripped out for having inappropriate material. If I'm given a new book by a friend, fresh from the bookshop, and it's missing pages, then I'd complain to the bookshop or the company that printed the book (obviously not the friend's fault). If I'm given a second-hand book by someone, then fine, it's a freebie and I know it's going to be used already so no complaining about its quality.

Please note, I'm not saying that free users don't have the right to complain about changes they dislike to livejournal, but my point is that if Six Apart wants to run livejournal like a business, then they need to listen to their customers.

In this case, they're doing that a little late, but they are listening, so I'm pleased with them for that but still definitely wary. Especially because of the rumors that they're thinking about becoming an IPO.

...And wow, this entry rambled. In conclusion, have some bullet points!

  1. Hugh Grant is awesome for defending his ex-girlfriend.
  2. People are awesome when they look out for each other.
  3. Userpics do matter.
  4. My flist is very diverse.
  5. Six Apart needs a better PR department, if nothing else.
  6. Passion is ♥.
  7. Apathy doesn't just kill. Apathy kills excruciatingly slowly.
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Link of the Day: Yu-Gi-Oh Online!

Want to watch Yu-Gi-Oh but too broke to buy the eps and can't find torrents for the eps you want or lacking in the time to download them? Hit the above link! They have most of the eps from all the season online, they load quickly enough that you can watch it while it's loading with minimal pauses (for me, anyway), and the quality is pretty good. XD Dub, though, for those people who care about the difference between the two.

Personally, I prefer the manga to the anime, but Ryuuji's cheerleaders always crack me up and you can never have too many Marik's crotch-shots. Jou in a dog suit is pretty hilarious as well, and something Savior mentioned recently made me want to watch Mai's backstory again. *needs to find which ep that is, though*

Favorite eps, personally, are 46&47, because those are the ones where Ryuuji shows up, 76 because it has Ryuuji attacking people via the use of dice, 96 & 96 because those are when Marik and Bakura duel, 106 & 107 where Ryuuji, Honda and Shizuka all duel in a trio, 153-155 because it's got kickass evil!Mai, and 194&195 because it has Seto versus Siegfried. XD I also like some of the Pegsy eps, but I can't find episode summaries for them to figure out which numbers those are.
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[ profile] mirrored_echo is currently over and the two of us are watching-slash-snarking Troy, which is riddled with historial inaccuracies that are barely compensated for by pretty boys in skirts. Also, I'm spelling Akhilles with the k because I got told ages ago that's how it meant to be spelt, and it kind of stuck with me.

Would you like some historical accuracy with your whining? )

Laptop died. Snark picks up again at the battle where Patroclus dresss up like his gay lover.

Damn this for making me lose track of my numbering system. )

[ profile] mirrored_echo just had to leave to make sure she got to class tomorrow so the rest of it is done on my own.

Epic whining. )

First time I saw the movie in a theatre, I counted 34 errors on my own through the entire movie. Now, only snarking maybe half of it, I managed to rack up 37 errors with [ profile] mirrored_echo snarking all except the last 35 minutes with me.

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"I wouldn't play you even to save the world."
"But would you play me to destroy it?"

Attribute the lines to anyone you damn well want. XD

In other news, I've been playing around with [ profile] only_fiction nearly all day, trying to get tags lined up and indented in the sidebar. I did find something that would work for it, but it required me having a paid account and I am not getting a paid account for my fic journal. Nope, no way. I'll fiddle around with it some more tomorrow.

Plus, I now have an awesome Mac/Vista icon, courtesy of [ profile] xinda and inspired by Allow which is a slashy Mac/Vista fic based off the this commercial. Yes, she wrote a fic that's over 6K of words based on a thirty-second commercial, and she made it interesting. Warning, fic in question might not be for the faint of heart since it portrays the two networking in great detail, but if you can take explicit slash, go for it.

[ profile] googlebrat's Cybersex fic is still the best long series of techslash that I've ever read, though. It's what got me squeeing over Alienware, after all! Unlike the above rec, though, this fic is about real PCs and Macs and Linux and so geeky that it made me squee with every little injoke that I actually got.

In semi-geeky talk, I finally watched Spiderman 2 today, squeed a little more over Kyle Rayner (I will soon make a post saying why even non-comics people need to love him), and preened about the fact that [ profile] xinda is very likely to visit me for AnimeBoston since my parents said that I can send her a hundred dollars to help with travel costs and a roundtrip plane ticket isn't much more than that. XDDD It'll be so awesome if she and Muse-y can make it.

I also stumbled across a fic that's Seto(YGO)/Lex(Smallville). This mostly amused me because not only do I like Smallville and have YGO as one of my main fandoms (despite [ profile] katarik tempting me to the DC side, evil thing ^_~), but I've been RPing Ryuuji/Lex and Seto/Ryuuji lately. Though I really do think that Seto and Lex are alike and that the fic works well for what they were like when they were young. The author clearly has a good grasp on Seto and the driving forces behind him, and her Lex is precisely as w00bie-like as he is in the show.

Also, on a slash level, the Green Goblin in the first Spiderman movie is so, so gay. He's so gay, it even affects Norman and makes him slink on all fours, crawling over his own rug. I mean, if the mirror scene isn't slashy, I don't know what is. Speaking of which, I absolutely loved the actor there -- he did a fantastic job of changing his facial expressions to make the person in the mirror look completely different from himself. Green Goblin, sans costume, is disturbingly sexy. Why are the psychos always the cute ones?

I'm usually hard to please with movie-adaptions of source material that I love (one example being LotR, another being Catwoman), but the first Spiderman movie was pretty good. XD The second failed to reel me in as tightly, and I thought that Peter walking away from a guy he could see being beaten in front of him was kinda off-base, but the first was definitely good. Worth watching in my opinion, anyway.
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I'm rating them based on how well they lived up to all the hype about them, and on my personal opinion of them. Listed in the order watched, more or less. This isn't really meant to be a list of objective reviews of stats and since both of the ratings are highly subjective, you've got every right to disagree with me on the particular merits of a film -- or, conversely, the problems it has.

Weekend trip to NJ was cancelled because I'm too exhausted to go. I feel like hell about doing that to Cid but... *could no way make it*. Have an open offer to treat her to a movie or something else if she'd like, though, to make up for having to pull out of this.

Anyway, movie reviews.

Thelma & Louise.
Hype: 10/10
Personal: 8/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains no spoilers. )

Romeo & Juliet.
Hype: 7/10
Personal: 8/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains one very mild non-plot spoiler. )

Hype: 4/10
Personal: 2/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains no spoilers. )

The Breakfast Club.
Hype: 10/10
Personal: 9/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains two spoilers for the end. )

Welcome to the Dollhouse.
Hype: N/A
Personal: -5/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains one really icky spoiler but you don't want to watch this anyway. )

The Closet.
Hype: 9/10
Personal: 8/10

Reasons behind the scores given, contains two mild spoilers and a plot summary. )

Dead Poet's Society.
Hype: 10/10
Personal: 10/10


As a sidenote, I'm taking a class on Williams and Capote during which we spend nearly all the time talking about the homosexual subtext they coded into their works, I cannot believe that I get to actually be a slash fangirl in class and get graded on it. Unfortunately, my speciality is writing fic and not trying to find canon support for slash ships and I doubt my prof would accept fic in place of an essay.

Too bad that I'm not the kind of fan that insists that a pairing must be canon just because I like it, right? I like what I like and don't care if the text says it makes sense -- most of the time, the pairings I like are because I like the characters and want them to get more screentime so if they're paired together, then I get two awesome characters being written about/drawn at once instead of just one of them. Gen featuring those two characters would be equally awesome, I think, but a lot of the time, it's hard to find gen about the chars I like just because I have a very bad habit of liking the bit players, like Tybalt from Romeo & Juliet or Laertes from Hamlet to take two Shakespearean examples (I ship Tybalt/Mercutio and Hamlet/Laertes, for those of you that are interested).

Also, we had a makeup class today for the one that was cancelled on Tuesday and the professor brought us pie to make up for. Pie. I had a slice of a really rich, delicious chocolate pie. It was more like cake than pie-pie because it didn't have any breaded crust or anything but gods, it was so chocolatey and awesome.
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Link of the Day: This Is War.

Nope, not a political link. It's about Animorphs, actually, and why the final book ended the way it did. While procrastinating on writing final papers, I've been cleaning up my tags and found out that I had an Animorphs tag, which led me to a very old entry where I discussed a letter that [ profile] nyrhtek had linked to wherein K.A. Applegate discusses the end of the Animorphs series.

And I hated the end of the series. I really, really loathed it. I wanted to scream and fanwank about it when I read it though thankfully, I didn't have a livejournal or a deadjournal back then to rage about it.

Why thankfully?

Because I was completely and totally wrong to hate it as I did. She had a really good reason for ending it the way she did and just because I hated it on a personal level and was horrified at what happened to my favorite chars, well, reading her letter got me over that. Especially the following paragraph:

Pretty soon you'll all be of voting age, and of draft age. So when someone proposes a war, remember that even the most necessary wars, even the rare wars where the lines of good and evil are clear and clean, end with a lot of people dead, a lot of people crippled, and a lot of orphans, widows and grieving parents.


...And now I want a Tobias-hawk icon. Or maybe a Rachel-Tobias one. Canon ship ftw, in this case. Which is another reason why the Animorphs books are awesome -- they're good enough to make me ship a canon pairing, which is pretty rare where I'm concerned. I'm picky about shippings and pairings and unless I like both characters in a pairing, it's unlikely I'll like the actual pairing as a whole. And I'm even pickier about female characters, because there aren't that many of them to begin with and I tend to get a little irate when I keep empathizing better with the male chars than the females. Nothing against guys but it would be nice to have some female characters out there that I can understand and really get behind, you know what I mean?

So, Rachel/Tobias? Totally my rock-solid OTP there. Hits all my buttons and has two of my top three chars from the series. Occasionally my top two depending on what I've been reading recently.

Edit: I have an Animorphs icon now. XD Text is Elfangor's hirac delest, image is of Rachel and Tobias dancing. With apparently Ax-the-Afro-Andalite in the background.
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While going through my old entries, I realized that I'd done this for Yami no Malik but never Ryuuji. So, here goes with my attempt to take a look at the world's favorite green-eyed gamer, canon versus fanon interpretations, RPability and some ideas from other people. (Please note, I'm talking about the manga version, not the anime. If you need an explanation of how they're different, read this post for a basic summary or the comments for a more detailed run-through.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ryuuji or YGO. I don't claim these views are 100% right and the only way to look at him. The following is just a listing of popular and rare fanon theories and my take on them, supported by scans from the manga and logical extrapolation.

Eyeliner/Tattoo/Scar, Wristlets, Education, Abuse. )

Right. That's it for now. If I do a second part, I'll look into magical training, attitude, intelligence, sexuality and personality quirks.


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